Meet The Tullamore D.E.W Crew

Most of you reading this know the liquid gold that is Tullamore D.E.W! The Triple Distilled, Tripled Blended & Triple Barrelled Irish Whiskey that has become a power house in the Irish Whiskey category. With sensational growth since it’s aquisition by William Grant & Sons, the brand has hit milestone after milestone; releasing the first ever whiskey to be finished in Cider Casks to their oldest release to date, Trilogy, a 15 Year Old Whiskey finished in Rum Casks.

Part of the success of Tullamore D.E.W can be attributed to the team of Brand Ambassadors they hire. As of this year the company has the biggest group of Brand Ambassadors for any Irish Whiskey in the US Market. And we thought it’s time you get to know us!

Top Dogs

John Quinn – Global Brand Ambassador

One of the most influencial people in the development of the Irish Whiskey Industry, John Quinn has been a driving force behind Tullamore D.E.W since 2011. Travelling the world, teaching the Word of D.E.W like a modern day messiah, John Quinn is one of the best known ambassadors in the industry, not only for his knowledge of the entire whiskey category but also for his epic story telling.


Tim Herlihy – U.S. National Brand Ambassador

Hailing from the biggest, and only, egg farm in Clogherhead, Tim has been running the U.S Market for 4 years. Voted 2016’s Irish Icon of Whiskey, Tim has had renowned success across the United States. Famous for his repertoire of Toasts and seminars such as Five Cocktails That Changed Irish Whiskey Forever, he has paved the way for Whiskey Ambassadors and raised the bar for future BA’s.


Jane Maher – U.S West Coast Brand Ambassador

Jane was part of the first group of Tullamore D.E.W Brand Ambassadors back in 2013 when Tullamore started the growth within the U.S Market. Jane was offered the opportunity to be Tullamore D.E.W’s first ever Distillery Ambassador when it opened in September 2014. After a very successful year within Ireland & the U.K, now Jane is sharing drinks with the stars in California and taking blurry photos of Robbie Keane.


The Kinsman Four

Conor Neville – Austin, TX

Eimear Kelleher – New York, NY

Mary-Jade Hynes – Chicago, IL

Katie O’Donoghue – San Francisco, CA


D.E.W Crew


Emma Oliver – Dallas, TX

A French and Politics graduate who recently completed her Masters in Management and Marketing. In 2013, she followed her life long dream and moved to Paris where she worked for Marc Jacobs in Paris’ largest luxury department store. Throughout college Emma has worked in various jobs that include bar, restaurant, retail and also experiential marketing campaigns.
As part of her Masters she interned in the Lifestyle Division of Wilson Hartnell PR, part of the Ogilvy & Mather group. Emma loves to travel, is a total foodie who loves to experiment in the kitchen and is looking to bring her passion for Irish products, sense of adventure and creative flair to the Tullamore DEW team.


Gillain Murphy – Fort Lauderdale, FL

Hailing from Cork (the real capital of Ireland!). Gillian just finished her final year at university where she studied Commerce with Hispanic studies. Last year, Gillian studied and worked in the Basque country, Spain, where she made best friends with Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum (well… by best friends I mean that I saw them from a distance while they were filming).
Gillian has worked as a brand ambassador for two local radio stations, Cork’s 96FM and C103, and as a drinks and club promoter. Gillian enjoys socializing, spending time with friends, and running, Gillian recently took part in the Madrid mini-marathon.


Ailish Egan – Denver, CO

A Dublin girl with an Irish country girl heart. Her academic studies have allowed her to explore her love for the food and beverage industry which she now possesses a strong passion for. She has travelled extensively throughout America, Europe and Southeast Asia, where she has developed her drive for adventure. In her free time she likes to be outdoors and hanging out with friends.
Ailish’s new home  is the mile high city of Denver, where she loves to share her passion for Irish whiskey and everything Irish.


Niall O’Connor (Connie Mollock) – New Brunswick, NJ

A Kerry man with a split personality who has graduated from UCC with a Business Information Systems (BIS) degree. Niall has just completed his Masters in Management and Marketing. He has carried out quite an extensive amount of travelling to date most notably in the United States on work placement in Boston with a recruiting software company. Niall recently carried out his marketing work placement in Dublin working in promotional roles
Niall is an extremely outgoing person who loves interacting with friends and meeting new people. Dingle, his home town, is a place which he holds very close to his heart.



Jack Casey – Philadelphia, PA

Breaking out of Drogheda, County Louth and a graduate of Business in Event Management. I have never been one to shy away from a challenge or adventure, having spent time in Portland, Oregon and 6 months in Beijing, China.
I have worked in the Food and Beverage industry for over 4 years, starting as a waiter but working internationally in hotels in Beijing, cocktails bars and nightclubs in Ireland and had the honour to represent Tullamore DEW as the Ambassador at Dublin Airport. With a passion for all things Irish whiskey and is the proud owner and rare blogger of this domain,

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Caroline Hands – Milwaukee, WI

A girl with a big heart and small head, Caroline is a UCC Commerce graduate with a passion for food, marketing and people. In 2013 she studied abroad at Pace University in New York City where is fell in love with the cities energy, night life and sushi! Since returning home to Cork she has found it hard to stay still but has managed to keep herself on her toes by completing Tour De Picnic and the Cork City Half Marathon.
This past summer she decided to follow her heart and tick a major milestone off her bucket list by fundraising €2500 and flying to India where she spent 6 weeks volunteering as an English teacher in local primary schools. Caroline has just completed an internship at Ballymaloe Foods where she acted as an assistant brand manager. On the 22nd of January Caroline will be flying to Milwaukee Wisconsin where she looks forward to bringing her international experience, positive energy and passion for the industry to the Tullamore Dew Team.

Stuart Caffrey – Seattle, WA

Drogheda born and raised, graduated with a degree in Business & Event Management from Dundalk Insititute of Technology. He has worked in the Food & Beverage industry for 3 years in both Drogheda & Shanghai. Spending the majority of 2015 working  for GSMA Telecommunications Company based in London where he rubbed shoulders with the likes of & Mark Zuckerberg at the Mobile World Congress. Passionate about the Alcohol Industry Stuart attended the Dublin Bar Academy to extend his knowledge of all things alcohol related. His interests are mixing cocktails, rugby & waterpolo.

Andrew Degnan – Chicago, IL

A Dublin lad who has recently graduated with BA Honours Degree in Marketing and Event Management. Andrew has worked in the events industry for a number of years and has also worked in the hospitality industry for over 6 years both in Ireland and the US.
His main passion is sport, mainly Gaelic and Hurling. Andrew has played to a very high standard and has even represented Dublin in Gaelic. A qualified personal trainer and loves keeping fit. Loves to travel and spent a lot of time travelling around both Europe and the United States.

Jennifer Farrell – Austin, TX

A recent marketing graduate from Smurfit Business School, with a passion for the food and drinks industry. Last summer she got to combine these two interests by working as a marketing intern for a start-up food company in New York.
Having grown up by the sea, Jen has developed a keen interest in sailing from a young age. With this, she spent the majority of her summers teaching sailing to others.  Passionate to travel and experience new cities. Over the years, she has gotten the chance to live briefly in New York, Montreal, and Spain. And now prepares to take over Austin.

Ian “Kenco” Kennedy – New York, NY

A man about Swords, Ian graduated from Dublin City University with a BA Honours degree in Business Studies. Recently returned home from Charleston, South Carolina having completed a DCU/Bennett Hospitality scholarship which gave him the opportunity to spend the summer working alongside and learning from some of Hilton’s most senior executives.
Having the opportunity to work in the hospitality industry only increased his passion for the food and drink sector. GAA enthusiast, in particular hurling, in which he has represented Dublin at underage level and is currently part of the Fingal senior hurling team. Interested in travel having been to various cities across Europe and the United States. Has also previously spent a summer living in San Francisco.

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Featured post

Aviator Whiskey Society with Glendalough Distillery and Special Guest; Pete St. John

Last night marked my first meeting with the Aviator Whiskey Society, a society formed by Dublin Airport staff with an interest in the wonderful world that is Whiskey. The Society was established in October of last year and since then has hosted whiskey giants such as Irish Distillers, Tullamore DEW, Beam Suntory and Teeling Whiskey. The society has 65 members and counting, myself included, it is also a Non-Profit Organisation, allowing all funds raised to be put back in to the society for future tastings, events and distillery trips. I was very eager not to miss out on Glendalough Distillery with Eoin Kearney (Irish & UK Brand Ambassador) and a true Irish Legend, Pete St. John.

Starting off with Glendalough Distillery themselves, it was set up by five friends (a very interesting story behind this, worth asking about if you ever come across any of them!) from Wicklow and Dublin with a deep passion for reviving the heritage of craft distilling in Ireland. Glendalough is one the few leading the charge in Irish Whiskey as part of, what some are branding, the “Renaissance of Uisce Beatha” around the world. These five friends, along with Eoin Kearney are spreading the word of whiskey gospel far and wide. Originally they started with Poitin but have since moved on to Whiskey and Seasonal Gins (I will cover the Poitin and Gins in a follow up post).

A major influence and tale behind the bottling with Glendalough is St. Kevin, and because my Irish History is a little rusty when it comes to Saints, here is an out take from the website.
St. Kevin’s story is where our brand is personified. He possessed the courage of his convictions that so attracted people to him. Being born into Irish nobility didn’t stop him fiercely following his own path. He stood out as a true leader, building a civilisation in an isolated valley that would soon become known far and wide as “the city of seven churches”.
For us, the story of Kevin and the blackbird, shown on our bottle, sums up the strength of character needed to turn your back on a privileged birth, break out on your own and still succeed on your own terms.

Glendalough dares to stand out. Not through blind stubbornness, or for that matter to be attention seeking, but purely to create its own path. To be the independent spirit that people naturally gravitate towards, with that same strength of character Kevin showed, that is unyielding against the frivolities of life.”

Glendalough pulled out all of the stops, not only did they bring along their impressive selection of Whiskeys but also their Poitins and Seasonal Gins; Spring and Summer Editions. With over 30 attendees, including airport staff, eager whiskey buffs and bloggers, it was shaping up to be an exciting night.


We kicked off with the Glendalough Double Barrel. A single grain whiskey, aged first in Ex American Wild Turkey Bourbon barrels and finished in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks. A new and unique style of light and floral whiskey distilled in a Coffey still from a mash bill of Irish malted barley and corn. It spends three and a half years in American oak first-fill Bourbon barrels before being finished for six months in Spanish Oloroso sherry casks. The Bourbon barrels impart deep, robust chocolate and caramel notes, while the Oloroso casks lighten the palate with fruitier notes and touches of nutty tones. With both barrels being oak, you get that beautiful vanilla thread you’d expect to run through an Irish whiskey. Both barrels are porous too, allowing Ireland’s temperate, maritime air through to make its impression.

A soft, slight yet rich nose with dark fruits; cherry, raisin and sultanas along with floral lemongrass/citron and a soft caramel notes.

Sweet and creamy on the palate, with honey with underlying pepper notes bringing along sweet Bourbon Cask flavours with dried fruit returning through cherries and a slight vanilla syrup. Very light and delicate in body.

Lingering notes of ginger spices with slight sweetness and a fruity after taste.

After the soft, sweet opening by the Double Barrel, Eoin Kearney began introducing us to the Glendalough Single Malt Range; a 7 Year Old Single Malt, 13 Year Old Single Malt, and last but certainly not least, a Dublin Airport Exclusive; Dublin In The Rare Auld Times (10 Year Old Single Malt) which was delivered to us by the one and only Pete St John.

Everything with Glendalough has a story or tale behind it and the 7 Year Old Single Malt is not one to break tradition. The story starts with St. Kevin;

” Before he built his “City of 7 Churches” at Glendalough, Kevin spent 7 savage years in the wilderness. You see the number 7 has always been associated with the seekers, the thinkers and the searchers of truth. St Kevin was all of these and more.

If Kevin was searching for an outstanding Single Malt then he certainly found it. The bottles feature St.Kevin and also the geograpical location of the “7 Churches of Glendalough”.

An exceptional opening for a 7YO Single Malt with a touch of rich spice blended with sweet citrus notes, ripe apricot, peaches and vanilla.

Amazingly smooth with rich vanilla, heated caramel combined with spiced orange peel and dried figs followed with slight oak and wood resin leaving a soft vanilla on the tongue.

Lasting finish with a lingering spice married with elegant fruity notes.

Next up on the paddle was the Glendalough 13 Year Old Single Malt, an unlucky number to some, but for those who know the story behind this Whiskey, No.13 is actually quite lucky when you’re Irish. This whiskey is for a very special Irish Athlete who goes by the name Brian O’Driscoll. BOD is an Irish Treasure, a Rugby Legend and a very worthy man to have a Whiskey of this standard carry his Irish International Number on in his stead.

Opens with a depth of honey leading in to citrus peel, slight lemon and orange, followed by clove spice.

Strong apricot and orange on the fore front moving in to vanilla, slight peach and dried spices.

Lingering fruited finish with creamy malt and deep, intense vanilla.
*This Whiskey opens up hugely with a drop of water. It lengthens the finish and intensifies a lovely spice that is hard to find at the beginning.*

Last but not least was the DAA Exclusive, Dublin In The Rare Auld Times. This whiskey is a partnership between Glendalough and Pete St John, best known for composing “The Fields of Athenry”. St John took the stage and gave the crowd some NSFW jibes and jokes about his upbringing with a lady named Sideways Sheila and his introduction to whiskey as a wee lad in the concrete jungle that was and still is Dublin.

Dublin In The Rare Auld Times is a 10 Year Old Single Malt held in First Fill American Bourbon casks and chill filtered to 40% ABV. This whiskey can only be found in Dublin Airport and retails at €60.00.

Opens with soft dry fruit; sultanas, raisins and figs

A smooth and elegant malt, releasing creamy notes filled with soft spice and almost tropical fruits. Burnt orange peel and fig with a lingering vanilla.

Long lasting spice, evident from it’s bourbon cask that lingers and creates and indulgent vanilla and caramel finish.

The Aviator Whiskey Society holds meetings on a Bi-Monthly Basis in the ALSAA Complex in Swords and welcome all of those interested in whiskey as a passion, past-time or just want to come along for a taste. Dublin In The Rare Auld Times 10 YO Single Malt

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